Quality Custom Wire and Cable , Wiring Harnesses, Cable Assemblies and Power Cords.

Thomas Technical, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of Wire and Cable products. We offer Custom made Wire and Cable for almost any application. We also supply high quality, competitively priced Wiring Harnesses, Assemblies and Power Supply Cords. Our custom cable is Made in the USA and  carefully engineered to meet exact customer requirements and provide maximum performance and durability.  Our Wiring Harnesses and Cable Assemblies are manufactured in an  ISO9001:2008,  ISO/TS16949:2009,  UL Listed-ZPFW2 ZPFW8 facility. Additionally, most of our Cable and Power Supply Cords are made to worldwide safety agency standards. All of our products are RoHS and REACH Compliant. Please contact us today for a quote!